Core Symptoms of ADHD*

Symptoms of Inattention
1. Often has poor attention to detail/makes careless mistakes
Example: Has difficulty on written tests or problem solving; repeats the same mistakes on similar assignments.
2. Often unable to maintain attention
Example: Difficulty remaining focused during classroom lectures, conversations, or lengthy reading.
3. Often inattentive when being spoken to or when listening to others
Example: Loses focus when being spoken to directly, mind seems elsewhere even in the absence of any obvious distraction.
4. Often does not follow through on instructions
Example: Starts tasks quickly, but loses focus and is easily sidetracked.
5. Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities
Example: Often has difficulty managing tasks or keeping materials in their proper order; has messy or disorganized work; and difficulty managing or completing tasks on a time schedule.
6. Often avoids tasks that involve a lot of mental effort
Example: Dislikes taking quizzes and tests; dislikes tasks like schoolwork and homework.
7. Often loses things required for activities
Example: Forgets homework assignments, books, notes from teachers; loses personal items: backpack, books, mobile phone and schoolwork.
8. Often easily distracted by external events
Example: Inability to focus due to the activities of other children; distracted by environmental sounds such as conversations, television, mobile device alerts.
9. Often forgetful in daily activities
Example: Frequently forgets routine activities, chores or errands.
* Adapted from DSM V criteria for ADHD